The fabulous Practice of Hunger and Demand

The fabulous Practice of Hunger and Demand

Did not know when the news channels were not there if our celebrities went to jail or not, but recently all updates related to them continue to be consistent. Whenever a celebrity goes to jail, the viewers’ eyes are stuck on the first news which says that the prisoner number has become so much like this. The deed of Goddess spreads in front of him in the menu, the plate of fruits was served, but “Sir” refused to eat it. However, after not having any further news, they understand that this partial fasting of the band has been for only a few hours. In spite of the fact that potato has been suppressed with chapati, it will definitely be eaten. There are also large headlines for not eating continuously. On which the TRP of the channels will depend.

A Strange Time

Actually, the history of hunger Geography is also very strange. Old people of the village say that from the beginning it has been the Brahmastra that whenever there is no reply from the other end start the hunger strike immediately and then see how the authorities get stirred. Emergency measures take place until the hunger strike is over. In exactly the same way the celebrities do not eat the food. Like the shining stars, this is what has happened in the case of the recent celebrity because no one can tolerate hunger for so many days. After a few hours of sensation, there is no respectable path between the two.

The Training

In the student life, many trade union movements are given a chance to get to know the two major weapons, common strike, and hunger strike. During the hunger strike, there is a great surprise on the whisper of the opponents, in which they alleged that during the alleged fasting they take food secretly. Even some alleged evidence is thrown at the venue of the fast so that those who see the truth appear to be very truthful. However, it is a way to break the morale of hunger strikers.

Anna and His Hunger Strike

After the long interval, Anna Hazare made a realization of the real power of hunger strike when he sat on hunger strike in Delhi’s national capital in protest of corruption including Janlokpal Bill. Then after watching the television show, we kept on thinking that how really a person can be hungry like this constantly. The government was shaken just after the prospect. It is astonishing that Anna Hazare, who did the same thing on the same issue recently, did not do the same in 2011.

Not only the party of the hungry but also after the meetings in the closed rooms of the suites buttered people, people have seen the Gentlemen breaking down on the food table. Who would have been surprised to see that even bigger people to feel hungry! Indeed the history of hunger Geography has been very interesting.

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