Time for a Walking Holiday in India

Time for a Walking Holiday in India

You have long dreamed of going to India, a land of dreams, fairy tales and legends. You are not afraid of the terrible stories of others that there are dirty, many poor and you can get very sick. Then this charming country is waiting for you! Of course, it requires special attention and preparation, here its laws, culture and traditions, which must be observed. This edge can be endowed with a variety of epithets indefinitely, but whatever dreams and desires you did not lead, a few tips will never interfere.

Choose the best time to travel to India
India is beautiful at any time of the year. It is believed that the most suitable time for rest is the period from October to March. However, if you choose high-altitude areas of the country, then the summer months are also excellent.

Advance purchase of tickets
If you have not managed to get the treasured pieces of paper, you can do it without leaving your own sofa. Today, many sites specialize in finding the best deals from all airlines at once.

Vaccination against diseases
Do not panic, you can do well without vaccinations, observing simple rules of hygiene. Do not forget to wash your hands, fruits and vegetables. Do not eat immediately what you bought from street vendors, if the product was not subjected to heat treatment.

Travel India by yourself
Once you are a little mastered, you can safely leave the crowd of tourists and go on a solitary voyage. India is a country that does not tolerate templates and stamps.

The fragrance of India is unique!
No matter how you prepare yourself for smells, at first they will chase you everywhere. The smell of garbage dumps, closely intertwined with the aromas of spices and incense, causing constantly wrinkle your nose.

Incredible number of people
In India, a billion people live, from the perpetual crowd, the head grows dizzy and dizzy. In this situation, you get tired very quickly, so change your place often, go to the countryside, to the mountains or the forest.

Communication and language
Do not worry about the fact that you do not know Hindi, English is known to everyone here. If you have difficulties with this language, then sign language will help you.

Photo for memory
Among Indians, there is a belief that a photo with a European brings good luck. Do not hesitate to take photos with the locals when they ask you about it.

Indian markets
Do you want to feel the whole colour of this country and its inhabitants? Then the famous Indian bazaars, this is what you need.

Be careful with beggars and beggars
Often, they come together; it is worth sacrificing to you alone, as soon as you are surrounded by a whole pack of beggars.

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