Go Goa with friends but how to convince your parents for that?

Go Goa with friends but how to convince your parents for that?

Every day we come across some links which tell us to take a few trips when we are young. The titles say, ‘10 places to visit alone before you turn 20’ or ‘the best road trips to go with your friends’ but they leave me wondering every time. What do I wonder? I wonder why my parents never allowed me to go on road trips with friends and where are these parents who let their children be a wanderlust before the age of 20.

According to the law, a person is not an adult until the age of 18, and if we consider our parents, we are never growing old enough to take trips alone. But as a matter of fact, how will a person visit ten new places after they become an adult and before they turn 20? Quite questionable!

When I was 19, my college organised a trip to Goa and going to Goa with friends was a huge thing back then. You may say it was seven years ago, and my parents still think I am not old enough to go on a Goa or Bangkok trip with friends. Going to a trip with friends is kind of unethical for parents, I ponder why. So when my friend’s parents were ready to send their ‘immature children’ to the trip, I had to convince mine for a long time. Here is an itinerary of my days, when I tried to convince them :

At first, I asked for the permission politely but then screamed, shouted, and rebelled for the same. But did it affect them? No!
Later a day or two, I tried again with politely asking for the trip to which my dad questioned, ‘haven’t we discussed it already? Or were my words not clear to you?’. Hence, I lost again.

Losing a battle of argument by your parents is so easy, since all they have to say a sentence to win, and Bam! You lose. While the last date to submit the trip fee was nearing, and I had no clue of how to fight back with my parents, I consulted my friends whose parents were as cool as us. He suggested to let them call my dad and convince, but that could have either been the best idea or the worst. And considering my dad, I knew it was the worst. My dad would have convinced his father not to let him go too. I told my friend about how lucky is he to get a friend like me who could have spoiled his plan of Goa with that idea but chose not to be evil.

As a last resort, I told my elder cousin brother about it and asked him to convince his father, who is my dad’s older brother, to let me go. A vicious circle of convincing the parents! I still remember vividly, how I waited for my dad to come back home from the office that day and how I hoped that he would have been convinced. That day was the longest day of the year for me, yet the happiest one for me. Yes, you guessed it right, my father did allow me for the trip but was a little resistant to his answer.

So you can also convince your parents older siblings, or your grandparents to go for the trip you have been craving for ages. Not even our parents can refuse to their elders!

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