The Admixture of Tradition and Culture in Indian Food Items

The Admixture of Tradition and Culture in Indian Food Items

Indian cuisine is directly related to the culture of this country and the variety of flavours and colours is difficult to describe in a few words. Spices and maddening seasonings, the lack of beef in few menu and the abundance of vegetables, the famous curry and basmati rice – whatever the Indians do, every cooking process turns into a real art.

Interweaving Traditions
The local cuisine is amazing with its versatility: here you will find traces of influence and nearest neighbours (China, Bangladesh and Nepal), and Islamic traditions (which left perhaps the most notable trace), and the English, thanks to which they can perfectly prepare puddings and anchovy sandwiches in India , and the French, who presented the country with baguettes and soufflé. Indian cuisine is strikingly different in each of the regions of the country. By the way, interesting is the fact that the UK has the largest number of Indian restaurants.

The Perfect Diet
The diet of the first inhabitants of India included mainly such products as vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, cereals and honey. The development of agriculture, favourable climatic conditions and the emergence of Buddhism in the country contributed to the emergence of vegetarianism. Even if you know little about the cultural and gastronomic heritage of India, then “vegetarianism” and “Ayurveda” will exactly cause you associations with this country.

The Mughals and Their Food Items
In the beginning of our era, travellers introduced the country to various spices that adapted to local culture and cuisine. The Muslims taught the Indians to prepare pickled in yogurt with the addition of a large number of spices of tandoori chicken, and the Mughal legacy inherited the Mughlai cuisine with pilaf, lyulya-kebab, halva and shurpa, which underwent some changes in recipes according to local traditions.

A variety of condiments and sauces – the basis of Indian cuisine
To plunge into the Indian culture, to feel all its delicate facets, certainly it is worth trying local cuisine. One of the most popular in the country and known throughout the world is considered curry. It is not only a seasoning, but also a delicious and beloved Indian dish, which is prepared from meat (chicken), vegetables or legumes, curry seasoning, served with rice. This dish is easy to prepare for any housewife who has never even been to India. After trying just one of the Indian dishes, you can better understand what lies behind the mysterious Indian culture.

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