Dysbiosis Due to an Imbalance in Your Intestinal Flora

Dysbiosis Due to an Imbalance in Your Intestinal Flora

An imbalanced intestinal flora is often the cause of both physical and mental problems. For me as an osteopath, that vision is evident, but I notice that the approach for many of my patients is new. They come first to me for the treatment of a physical problem. But sometimes I also identify a non-physical problem, such as mental fatigue, a low level of happiness, or even an imminent depression.

At the basis is often an imbalance in the intestinal flora. To illustrate the strong link between the intestinal flora and the physical and mental aspect, the experts have created a blog series about the most common disorders that can be linked to the intestines. The first in the series: dysbiosis.

What Is Dysbiosis?
Dysbiosis is a condition where the balance between your intestinal bacteria is so badly disturbed that the bad, pathogenic bacteria in your intestines take the upper hand and produce enzymes that damage your intestinal mucosa. That intestinal mucosa protects your intestinal wall. If it gets damaged, your intestinal wall becomes more permeable and harmful substances can get into your blood vessels. Do not treat your dysbiosis, this can eventually lead to a leaking intestinal wall.

What Are The Symptoms Of Dysbiosis?
With dysbiosis, you often suffer from a recurrent bloating feeling. Your bad intestinal bacteria in your colon cause fermentable nutrients that produce a lot of gas. In addition, headache, abdominal pain, fatigue, skin problems and reduced resistance may be symptoms of dysbiosis. A stool examination is the only way to conclusively determine whether you have dysbiosis.

What Are The Causes Of Dysbiosis?
Dysbiosis can have many causes. If there are too many indigestible nutrients such as slow carbohydrates and fibers in your intestines, your intestinal flora can become out of balance and there is a risk of dysbiosis. Excessive use of broad-spectrum antibiotics can also be at the basis of dysbiosis.

What Do You Do If You Have Dysbiosis?
Dysbiosis is a problem that you should not ignore. By treating it on time you can prevent worse intestinal disorders such as leaky gut. In most cases your body is strong enough to recover from dysbiosis yourself. Your digestive system usually finds a solution for the imbalance in your intestinal flora. Do you want to give Mother Nature a hand in the healing process? This can be done by excluding fiber and slow carbohydrates from your diet and taking probiotic supplements.

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