Today’s Urban Youth & Their Lifestyle

Today’s Urban Youth & Their Lifestyle

Youth comprises of maximum population in the world and it represents the world of tomorrow, and a intensifying force in urban environments around the globe today. The world is undergoing and experiencing the largest wave of urban growth in history. Society has revolutionarily changed in the past century with the developments in science and technology. At present, urban youth lifestyle is mostly confined only to gizmo gadgets, discos and pubs. The youth of today face temptations and challenges culturally, socially, economically and religiously that were unheard of until a few decades ago. Nowadays, youths are more inclined to the pop culture where dangerous illegal drugs, alcohol, sexual promiscuity, and lack of morality are ignored and promoted. Young people are now have all the access to Internet that further provide them with access to information and images that they shouldn’t have access to.

Urban youth today are considered as the best fit for partying and clubbing rather than in education and politics. They are least interested in nation and international politics and don’t even bother to know what is happening around the world. Their life has become robotic showing off their gadgets and other pricey things in their possession. Night outs, lounging in the pubs, tapping their feet to the rocking music in discs, showing off gizmos, fashionable and branded clothes, and shoes are the common lifestyle of the urban youth today. They have an attitude that if they do not posses all these ’cool stuffs’, then it will affect their image in college campus or their common hangouts. Without these cool stuffs, they feel that they are not able to fit among the modern and cool people.

The young urban people do not even realise where their life is heading. They are not focused and are aimless being clueless about what to do in future and how to lead their life in a better way. At times, they fail to manage their own life that further makes them loss confidence in themselves. Their thought is limited and views confined and a narrow outlook; most of the time they do not have any outlook. Their thought is restricted only to gizmo gadgets, two-wheelers, and night life. Urban youth are increasingly working in an unusual and apprehensive employment, which makes it difficult for them to meet the expectations of an independent adult life.

Today, young people mostly prefer playing video games, online games or games on mobile rather than going out and play in the open. Most of them prefer a laptop over a pen, two-wheeler over a calm walk. The technological developments and modern tools and machines are undoubtedly important and useful to us. But we make them useless by we turning out to be sophisticated and arrogant and neglect the human being we have within us. Urban youth in the want of fulfilling their needs and desires are missing out the special and happy moments of their life. Nowadays, young people available with all the technically sophisticated gadgets and gizmos, going for night outs, partying think that they are leading the best life. But they forget that spending quality time with their family and friends, they can build memories that will make them happy forever. They are more inclined towards the momentary happiness rather than happiness in the long run.

Youth are the light of the future and should realise the true meaning of life. They should learn their limits and know to draw a line between their responsibility and fun. It is important for the urban youth to learn to be more responsible and see the world in a much wider perspective. After all, youth is the future of the world.

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