Real-life Troubles: A Series of Random Thoughts

Real-life Troubles: A Series of Random Thoughts

Being a stressed soul, you might have turned up to Almighty God or the Gurus who claim to be earthly prophets of the transcendental power. The never-ending desire to get helped, immediate escape or rescue from the complexities of human life makes a man believe in something beyond his reach. You know what the problem of a man is? He isn’t mentally prepared and physically active to combat the hurdles, nerve-racks, and face the challenges come along his way.

Many things centralised just on one most important belief going in his mind- why the God doesn’t support me? Am I not his child? I must do something to please him so that he can get me out of these troubles. These are the obvious questions that one asks to himself or the gurus in the countryside rural areas.

Wait…did you know what problems are being talked about here? The problems are nothing but mainly the consequences of man’s incapability to cope with his social life, personal life, mindset etc. This has nothing to do with predestination or karma motif in real but only about what lies in the heart of the man. Surprisingly, such things and problems are mostly witnessed in the urban lives. Well-settled and educated people most often lose their calm even when a little problem arises.

The reason? Urban and civilized people do become educated through the bookish knowledge and but lack the practical and intellectual enlightenment. It is an uglier side of the education that if not paid close attention to what is there in the books, Granths, religious and non-religious books, a man is reduced to a lower level where his intellectual and spiritual education dissolves into his materialistic aspirations. Learn what is written, write in the examinations, earn a degree, get a job and keep on earning more and more money throughout the prolonged life. The money is here in the pocket, but the tension or stress is right there in the brain.

One becomes stressed and depressed due to his pathetic life, he is left with only two options- either end his life or turn to a supernatural power for help. Here, it is important to realize that problems are nothing but only the abstractions of your inability to get going. There comes philanthropy into the big picture of man’s supposedly tragic survival.

If you need to release the stress, tensions, and every traumatic trouble out of your life, you must become a philanthropist for your own self. Embrace your existence and the people around you. Fonder the relationships with society, family, friends, coworkers. Smile to the unknown street-passers even if you not like doing it. As already discussed, problems are nothing but just the simple abstractions of your incapability to cope up with the different shades of life.

Try to find joys in little things, and trust me, it would make you feel liberated from other constraints. Stop looking for help outside you but try to introspect the power within you. You have all the power to change the world, then your problems are too petty to resolve by yourself. Educate yourself, and empower your will not only to survive or earn money but to conquer everything coming on your way. Read for enlightenment. Struggle to win. Rely on yourself.

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