How much of India is actually urban?

How much of India is actually urban?

Statistics show that about one-third of India’s population is urban. As we know, statistics are based on certain criteria and percentages differ accordingly. Whereas as per the satellite images there is about 60% of India’s area that has an urban settlement, built up an area and more of people working in non-farm activities. Rural and urban areas are decided generally as per the discretion of statisticians who considers various parameters into consideration. Going not by what statisticians have to calculate, urban or rural population basis growth of the particular area on various parameters.
While a village with 5000 people living and 75% of the male population not engaged in agricultural activities is classified as town and not considered in rural areas, its categorization should be done based on facilities and development of the area such as basic amenities, firefighting services, law and order regulation etc. This is an ideal situation that is being created. To me, urbanization should also connect to the living standards of people, income growth, basic mannerism and their thought process. Just going by statistical parameters, in today’s fast growing world, it would not be appropriate to consider a particular area urban or rural.
Planning is the core to urbanization. There used to be four metro cities earlier, but now there have been cities in India that has been classified as high potential cities and are approaching towards taking tag of “metropolitan”. Planning is a term which includes a place’s infrastructure, public transport, cleanliness level, law and order maintenance etc. There have been various reports published in urban India that shows the development of our country, but when there are actually talking on road traffic, poor conditions of roads, garbage clutter, lack of school admissions, lack of clean drinking water, scarcity of fresh vegetables and eatables, etc. the actual position of these places reflects different level.
Let us check on human behavioural changes with respect to being tagged as urban or rural. People take pride of living in cities and call themselves urban without actually thinking urban. It is important to have an urban mindset before one calls them as urban. Like, when we see people in cities eating at a roadside food joint and throwing away the litter just as per their convenience and not having an awareness of keeping their city clean, it is then, the urban and the rural classification being questioned. When a person staying at city owns two cars and uses them to travel instead of taking a car pool to work or wherever one can go, it is a questionable situation on urban population who complain about traffic chaos that everyone talks about but no one takes a corrective action and also on pollution finishing the fresh air in an urban atmosphere.
It is more of a chicken and an egg story while urban planning and actual situation are compared. For public infrastructure development there is need of enough funds and for enough funds right kind of people needs to be elected which is done by people who live in urban areas who take interest in utilizing allocated funds in the right required manner. Crisis is a situation that arises in every urban place or city with respect to urban facilities as written above, to solve this one needs to keep a check on their own places and leaders of these places needs to take ownership collectively with common man of maintaining and developing the city.

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  1. india is still a developing country and will remain the same for some time from now. if we want to change this then the change should be brought from us first.

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